Easily start, stop or transfer your service. Because moving is a lot of work. This doesn't have to be.

Please plan ahead as it takes 2 business days to fill your request.

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  • Move your service to a new address
  • Change billing from your landlord to yourself

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New Homes and Properties

Need a brand new power service for:

  • A condo development
  • Vacation home
  • Cabin

Apply for a new electrical hookup. Find the option that best suit your needs under New Connections.

New Electrical Hookup

Connection Fees

  • Transfer Your Service:
    • $35 + GST connect fee will be added to your next bill.
    • When you move, your account number changes. If you have automatic payments set up you’ll need to update it with your new account number.
  • Start a New Service
    • $35 + GST connect fee will be added to your first bill.
    • If we need to come on-site to reconnect your power, the fee is then $90 + GST
  • Stop Service
    • There is no fee for stopping your service.

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