This calculation uses only 2 x #4AL conductor. If you require a larger conductor, contact the SaskPower design lead named on your turnkey agreement documents.

Follow these steps to ensure you have the correct calculations:

  1. Calculator row 1 — Start with the streetlight standard that is located farthest from the source. Enter the number of lamps on that standard and the distance to the next standard.
  2. Additional rows — Working back toward the source, enter only the number of lamps on each standard and the distance between subsequent streetlight standards. On the last row, enter the number of lamps on the streetlight standard closest to the source and the distance between that standard and the source.
  3. If service pedestal as source — Use the Residential Voltage Drop Calculator to determine the voltage drop from the transformer to the pedestal and add that result to the calculated streetlight voltage drop total.

 Note: The maximum total voltage drop from the first transformer to the farthest street lamp is eight per cent. This calculation is based on 120-volts.

Voltage Drop Calculator

Add row
Remove selected row
Voltage Drop max is 8%

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