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Your MySaskPower account will make it easy for you to:

  • View bills
  • Submit your monthly meter readings
  • Pay your power bill by credit card or online banking
  • Sign up for equalized and automatic payments (except for child accounts)
  • Go paperless!
  • Ask us questions
  • Get alerts when it's time to pay your bill or read your meter


  • Download your usage to get a better idea about your power use at peak times.
  • View all billing and usage for each of your consolidated accounts.
  • If you have a Smart Meter:
    • You can see your usage in 15 minute time blocks.
    • See and download your peak power use data.

What You Need to Sign Up:

  • Your email address. This will be your user ID.
  • A password of your choice (min. 8 characters)
  • A copy of your bill, which includes:
    • the name exactly as it appears on your bill (max. 25 characters)
    • Your SaskPower account number

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