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Savings Over 15,000 hours (15 years)

  LED CFL Incandescent
Power Used (kWh)
Bulbs Required*
Cost of Light Bulbs
Cost of Power
Total Cost of Bulbs and Power
Savings (Over approx. 15 years) $2,542 $2,375 $0

What Does This Mean?

While the cost of the LED bulbs is , the cost to power those bulbs over 15 years is only . That's a savings of over regular incandescent bulbs.

Also, look at how many times you'd have to be replacing incandescent bulbs over the 15 years - times! You've got the power to save time and money.

*Bulbs required for 15,000 hours (15 years) and average use of 2.7 hours/day.

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