Unless otherwise specified, regular working hours for the purposes of charge services are defined as 08:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday inclusive, excepting statutory holidays.

HIGH‑PRIORITY CALLS will be attended to prior to any ROUTINE CALL.

If you request a meter reading because you are moving in or out, or you are requesting an additional read that falls in between your regularly-scheduled meter readings, you may need to pay a fee.

This doesn't apply to:

  • Regularly scheduled meter readings
  • Meter readings that you don’t request
  • New accounts in the first six months (as determined by SaskPower)
  • Landlords who have a "Landlord Agreement" with us Not available to oilfield, irrigation and industrial customers billed by MV-90

You will be charged if a serviceperson is required to come to your home because of:

  • No power due to the pole breaker, main or sub breaker when we’ve asked you to check the specific breaker and you didn’t do so
  • A repeat call caused by equipment problems that we've asked you to correct
  • A service call outside of regular working hours, including connecting a new service after hours
  • An after-hours tenancy change meter read
  • A tenancy change where a Serviceperson needs to reconnect service or install a meter. Excluding Landlords party to a "Landlord Agreement"
  • Removing or reinstalling a customer's meter which has been disconnected because they haven’t applied for power
  • Disconnecting or reconnecting a customer’s service because of a defect notice. The Inspections Branch issues all notices.

  • $90 (plus GST) during regular business and $250 (plus GST) outside of regular working hours. Regular working hours are Monday to Friday, 8-5 p.m., excluding statutory holidays.

  • $220 (plus GST) - Self-contained meter (Residential and most small farm and general service customers)
  • $395 (plus GST) - Transformer-rated meter (Usually only applies to larger services).

No charge for:

  • Account information required by SaskPower to participate in customer programs.
  • Billing history provided to Social Services.

This service includes one-time requests for specific billing records that need:

  • separate programming requirements
  • data manipulation
  • analysis

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