Help Plan Our Power Future - What We've Heard

In the fall of 2022, we began engaging with people across the province on how we’ll supply power to Saskatchewan beyond 2030. We’ve now completed Stage 2 – Understanding Your Priorities. In this stage we asked Saskatchewan residents about the power supply options they preferred. We also learned which values and priorities were most important in key areas such as:

  • Cost and technology
  • Emissions and environment
  • Human and social factors

From Nov. 16, 2022 to April 6, 2023 we had:

  • 14,600 visits to
  • 15,323 completed surveys
  • 174 completed quick polls
  • 42 ideas submitted
  • 43 questions answered

Read the Stage 2 summary or full report to learn more.

Read the Stage 1 summary or full report to learn more.

What’s Next

Based on what we’ve heard so far, we’re focusing on the following key areas in Stage 3:

  1. Provide detailed cost information for each supply option. This should include the Levelized Cost of Electricity and breakdowns of other information in the modelling. Include projections for how the price of power will change over time.
  2. Provide information on the environmental impacts of each supply option from start to finish. This includes information about manufacturing, decommissioning, generated waste, recyclability of materials, water use, land use, and other biological impacts.
  3. Provide information about the economic impacts of each option on host communities. Discuss how the plan is considering the need to attract and keep a workforce with the required skills.
  4. Include more of a focus on how the grid could be less centralized. Consider how customers could take a greater role in generating their own power. Discuss the role of energy efficiency programs and demand-side management.
  5. Clarify the role and scale of imports and exports. Discuss considerations about energy security in the plan.
  6. Continue progress on ideas identified in Stage 1. These ideas include the development of online tools to allow customer to explore future scenarios independently.

Feedback Reports

We’ve been sharing information and hosting dialogue sessions on the future of power in the province over the last few years. Check out what we’ve heard so far:

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