Help Plan Our Power Future - What We've Heard

In the fall of 2022, we began engaging with people across the province on how we’ll supply power to Saskatchewan beyond 2030. We’ve now completed Stage 3 — Future Power Supply Scenario Exploration. In this stage we shared supply option scenarios and discussed their benefits and trade-offs. We’re now in the reporting phase of Stage 3. The Stage 3 summary and full report will be available in March 2024. 

Read the Stage 2 summary or full report to learn more.

Read the Stage 1 summary or full report to learn more.

What’s Next

We’ll share the draft long-term integrated supply plan for you to review. We’ll also check in to see how the plan aligns with your priorities, identify any gaps that we missed and collect your feedback.

Feedback Reports

We’ve been sharing information and hosting dialogue sessions on the future of power in the province over the last few years. Check out what we’ve heard so far:

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