To meet our renewable energy goals, we’re building a power line that will transfer clean power from Manitoba to our customers in Saskatchewan.

This new power line will connect to our Tantallon station, located north of Tantallon, Saskatchewan and runs to the Saskatchewan–Manitoba border. Manitoba Hydro will build and manage a power line from this connecting point, which will run to the Birtle south station, located south of Birtle, Manitoba.

Transmission project timeline build stage

Why we're doing it

To help us manage the demand on our power system and meet our customer’s needs, we’re bringing in clean power from Manitoba Hydro. Bringing in this renewable energy source will help us reach our goal of reducing our emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 from 2005 levels.

Our progress so far

SaskPower’s part of the new power line between the Tantallon station and the Manitoba border is complete.

Manitoba’s part of the line is currently planned to be in construction in the summer of 2020 and be completed in June 2021.

Minimizing the impact to you and the environment

There are lots of considerations when building a new power line.

We work closely with:

  • First Nations and Metis communities to protect Aboriginal rights and interests
  • Residents and landowners to reduce the impact on agricultural, business or recreational land

We usually plan the line construction in dry and frozen conditions. This helps to reduce our construction and environmental footprints. When needed, we plan the line construction in more than one winter construction seasons. For this project we constructed in 2 winter seasons. This also helped us avoid disturbing breeding periods and stay away from sensitive animals and plants in this area. This also helped us stay away during seeding and harvesting seasons.

We also used an existing power line for 5 and a half km of the preferred 30 km route to reduce costs and the impact on the environment.

Keeping you informed

We’ve finished our side of line construction. We’re planning to energize it in April 2020 while waiting for Manitoba side to complete their side.

For more information about this project:

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