We’re building a 10-km power line north of Regina. This will support EVRAZ’s growing power needs and help with future growth in the area.

The new line will connect our Condie switching station to a new substation in EVRAZ’s yard.

Transmission project timeline plan stage

Why we're doing it

EVRAZ needs more power in their melt shop. A new power line is needed as the current lines can’t handle the extra power needs. We can’t upgrade the lines because of:

  • technical challenges
  • safety
  • reliability risks

Our progress so far

Between Dec. 2019 and Feb. 2020, we reached out to stakeholders for feedback about the study area.

The common theme we heard were:

  • concerns about impact on land use
  • challenges moving large farm equipment around power line structures

After looking at all options, the road allowance along Armour Road is the preferred route.

Construction’s expected to start in spring 2021 and be finished in the fall 2021.

Minimizing the impact to you

We’re working on identifying likely impacts and how best to reduce them.

As part of our routing process, we consider many factors like:

  • Environment
  • Indigenous Knowledge
  • Land use
  • Social
  • Technical
  • Cost

Respecting the local environment

Every power project we do, we follow our best-practice standards. This will help us protect the environment no matter which stage the project is in.

Benefits to local communities

Building this power line will help us continue providing safe and reliable power. It’ll also allow us to meet the growing demand for new power in the area.

Keeping you informed

For more details about this project:

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