We're looking for site options for future natural gas power stations.

Why we’re doing it

As we begin to phase out conventional coal, we’ll need to replace it with another source of reliable power. Natural gas is an option for meeting this need. It can help us meet environmental regulations because it produces half the emissions of coal. It also supports renewable generation options like wind and solar.

Our progress so far

By the end of 2021, we’d like to have 2 sites selected in locations where power demand is growing. Because of this, we started by looking at study areas around Regina and Saskatoon.

Since starting this project, the cost and risks to support a facility in the Regina area have increased. This information, combined with previous studies from 2017, means we are no longer looking for sites near Regina.  

We continue to study options around Saskatoon. We’re looking at potential new sites near our Aberdeen switching station. We're also evaluating land and infrastructure that we already own. We have existing land:

  • At the Queen Elizabeth Power Station
  • Near our Wolverine Station about 100 kilometres east of Saskatoon towards Lanigan

We're also considering the Estevan area. Estevan presents opportunities to use existing infrastructure and land we already own.

Once we get all the information about these sites, we'll look at our options. From there, we'll get approval to proceed with construction. 

We’re looking at sites that can accommodate up to 700 megawatts (MW) of natural gas. Right now, we think we’ll need 350 MW of new generation as early as 2027.

Feedback on Our Process and Considerations

We want your feedback as we look at the different siting options. You can also help refine our siting process. We want to:

  • Understand current land use and future development plans
  • Learn about your interest in our process and the considerations we’re reviewing
  • Document your concerns, suggestions, and inputs
  • Identify your preferences for exchanging information with us throughout the siting study process

What does SaskPower consider when choosing sites?

When looking at sites, we review:

  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Land use
  • Social aspects
  • Environment
  • Technical components
  • Cost

Keeping you informed

We’re committed to capturing your feedback as early in the process as possible. We want to work directly with:

  • Local communities
  • Indigenous communities
  • Planning and development groups
  • Environmental organizations

Have a question? Want to be involved in the process? Help us with our decision-making by reaching out:


Phone: 1-855-566-2903 (toll-free in Saskatchewan)

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