We’re planning to build a new natural gas plant in Moose Jaw's Industrial Park. This new power station has been named Great Plains Power Station. It’ll:

  • give us enough power about 350,000 homes
  • be the same size as Chinook Power Station
  • support renewable generation and coal retirements
Transmission project timeline prepare stage 

Why we’re doing it

Building a natural gas power station will provide us with a steady power source that runs 24/7. It’ll also support renewable energy generation. This will help us get closer to our goal of reducing emissions by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030.

Power Line Update

We’ve selected a preferred route for the power line. Now we’re ready to continue conversations with stakeholders.
A common theme we heard during earlier conversations was to reduce effects on agricultural operations. We reviewed the available route options, but none had less impacts on agricultural operations and land use. Because of this, we chose the preferred route based on:

  • technical considerations
  • environmental constraints

To discuss the preferred route, we'll be hosting a site office at the Sportsman’s Centre in Moose Jaw on:

Date: July 27, 28 and 29, 2020
Time: 10 am to 4 pm daily

We can also discuss the road upgrade work happening this fall for the Great Plains Power Station and answer any project-related questions.

Due to COVID-19 the site office will be accessible by appointment only. Please contact us to reserve a time. Or if you prefer, we'd be happy to arrange a telephone or video conference meeting at your convenience.  

Our progress so far

We now have approval to move on to the permitting phase for this project. This is because the Ministry of Environment completed their review of the project. They’ve determined no formal environmental assessment is needed. We’ve also bought the land and finalized a services agreement with the City of Moose Jaw.

We’ve also shortlisted our potential build partners. This was done through a competitive process. They both have previous project experience in Saskatchewan. We’re committed to maximizing local opportunities throughout this project. Our last power station project led to $140 million of work for Saskatchewan businesses and workers. We’d like to see even more local involvement for this project. Our potential build partners separately hosted several information sessions. These sessions were hosted in April for local suppliers and contractors. If you missed those it’s not too late, please reach out directly to both companies.

Interested in Being a Supplier or Subcontractor on this Project?

Contact our potential build partners:

Minimizing the impact to you

In June 2019, the federal government released new gas regulations. They state that all plants coming online after Jan. 1, 2021 need to be zero emissions by 2030 to avoid carbon taxes.

This facility will be subject to new gas federal regulations released in June 2019. Based on our studies, building this power station is still the most economic choice. That’s because it'll help provide reliable power to the people of Saskatchewan.

We’re currently developing our project schedule. But here’s our current plan:

  • Select build partner - Late 2020
  • Break ground - Early 2021
  • Power station in-service - Late 2024

We began engaging with communities about the location for this power station in 2017.  In late 2018 we selected the Moose Jaw Industrial Park.

Between April to October 2019, we hosted small group discussions and an open house. We continued conversations through phone calls, emails and surveys. We compiled what we heard into 11 themes. Common topics included:

  • traffic and roads
  • proximity to residences
  • environment
  • noise and air emissions
  • local and Indigenous participation

Check out the feedback report.

Respecting the local environment

Both the federal and provincial governments regulate this project. Each government has its own area of responsibility.

Every power project we do, we follow our best-practice standards. This will help us protect the environment no matter which stage the project is in.

Benefits to local communities

We expect up to 500 workers on the site during peak construction times. Our most recent gas plant build resulted in $140 million of work for Saskatchewan businesses. We expect this project will have even more local involvement. 

We're committed to providing opportunity to local and Indigenous suppliers, subcontractors and labour.

Learn more about how you can do business with us.

Keeping you informed

Get familiar with the project by signing up for email updates. You’ll stay informed on:
  • the project status
  • project effects and benefits
  • historical details

For more information about this project:

Email: publicconsultation@saskpower.com

Phone: 1-833-566-3435 (toll-free in Saskatchewan)

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