We’re building new power lines and facilities in the Lloydminster, Paradise Hill and Spruce Lake areas. This includes:

  • Two new substations;
  • One new high voltage power line;
  • Multiple new low voltage lines; and
  • Replacing existing lines.
Transmission project timeline prepare stage 

Why we're doing it

Our system is aging and needs upgrades to continue to provide safe and reliable service. In addition to meeting the growing electricity needs of our farm and residential customers, this project will support oilfield development in the area.

Our progress so far

After meeting with elected officials, landowners and other stakeholders impacted by this project, we carefully examined their feedback and our technical evaluations to choose the preferred route for the new transmission line. We’re now testing the soil where our power lines will stand to determine what kind of structures to use. Engineers are in the process of designing the lines and a site has been purchased for the new Spruce Lake station. We expect this project to be complete in 2020.

View the project schedule.

Minimizing the impact to you

We invited elected officials and landowners who may be affected by the project to meet with us to provide feedback on the corridor alternatives for the high voltage power line. The feedback we received helped us determine the preferred route.

Respecting the local environment

Crossing the North Saskatchewan River and Big Gully Creek water bodies was unavoidable on this project. We do our best to reduce impact to the environment, wildlife and wildlife habitats around our power lines, which is why special attention and modifications are being made for these sensitive areas. Environmental field work will begin in spring of 2018 to learn if there are any species at risk so we can avoid disturbing their surroundings.

Benefits to the community

This project will improve the reliability of service to our urban and rural customers and support oilfield development in the area. Employment opportunities may be available as project construction gets underway.

Learn more about our current opportunities.

Keeping you informed

Once the environmental studies are completed, a report will be submitted to the Ministry of Environment for review. When we receive feedback on the report, we’ll let you know the next steps of development.

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