We’re bringing our employees together in fewer places at a new Logistics Warehouse Complex. The facility will be built at the Global Transportation Hub in Regina.

Transmission project timeline prepare stage 

Why We're Doing It

The Logistics Warehouse Complex will let us bring together several divisions, including:

  • Logistics
  • Fleet Services
  • Metering Services
  • Technology and Security
  • Distribution Operations
  • Transmission Operations
  • Safety Department

This new complex will replace current buildings that are nearing the end of their useful lives. If we stayed in our current buildings, they’d need a large investment to maintain.

Our Progress So Far

In July 2019, we selected Strategic Prairie Region Alliance (SPRA) as the lead architect. We’ve worked with them to complete the master planning. This helped us figure out which departments are moving to the Logistics Warehouse. It also allowed us to determine how many buildings are required.

Earthworks construction began in fall 2020. Construction will officially begin in 2021 and include two phases. The first will be complete in 2023. The second will be complete in 2026.

In December 2020, we began working with general contractors in the industry to raise awareness of the upcoming work. In January 2021, procurement will get underway in search of a firm to build the first phase of the facility.

Minimizing the Impact to You

This project will not impact our service to our customers in any way. It will not result in any rate increases.

The first phase of construction will cost about $100 million. This is under our current approved capital program. The full cost of the complex is included in our capital budget.

Respecting the Local Environment

We'll design the complex to meet:

  • the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB)
  • best practices in accessibility, and energy and environmental design

More Benefits

It’ll be more efficient to maintain this new complex compared to the older leased and owned properties.

Keeping You Informed

We’ll continue to post updates, including:

  • milestones reached
  • decisions made

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