We are building a new natural gas plant in Moose Jaw Industrial Park. This new power station will:

Transmission project timeline plan stage 

Why we’re doing it

In the future, customers will use more power. In 2017-18, the power demand went up by 5.5%. And we’re expecting this to keep rising.

Building a natural gas plant will provide us with a steady power source that runs 24/7. It’ll also support renewable energy generation. This’ll help us get closer to our goal of reducing emissions by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030.

Our progress so far

We’ve been working with communities since 2017 on the location for this power station. We've chosen Moose Jaw Industrial Park for the site. As we continue, we'll make sure we include in our plans as much as possible, the communities:

  • interests
  • concerns
  • Indigenous knowledge

We’re also studying to see if the site can support more generation.

Minimizing the impact to you

We’re doing our best to understand how:

  • this project might affect you
  • we can lower the effects on nearby landowners

While we’re building the power station, you may notice:

  • more noise
  • construction traffic
  • extra lighting

This will lower once the plant is in service.

Respecting the local environment

Every power project we do, we follow our best-practice standards.

We’re still working on environmental studies and collecting information. The federal government and provincial government will both review them and post them for public input.

Benefits to local communities

We expect up to 500 workers on the site during peak construction times.

We’re looking for a partner to build this plant with, and we’re committed to making sure there are opportunities for local and Indigenous participation.

Keeping you informed

Open House – All Welcome

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Wakamow Valley Sportsman Centre in Moose Jaw.

Get familiar with the project by signing up for email updates. You’ll stay informed on:

  • the project status
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  • historical details

For more information about this project:

Email: publicconsultation@saskpower.com

Phone: 1-833-566-3435 (toll-free in Saskatchewan)

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