We’re building a transmission line from the Pasqua Switching Station east of Moose Jaw to the Swift Current Switching Station, west of Swift Current. This line will hook up to the new Chinook Power Station.

Transmission project timeline build stage 

Why we're doing it

Once Chinook Power Station is live, we’ll need a way to deliver this power to our customers. This transmission line will help us do just that. It’ll also allow us to support future growth in the province while exporting power to Alberta.

Our progress so far

This project has been in the works since 2012. Since then we've:

  • Consulted with the public;
  • Worked with landowners on proposed routes;
  • Upgraded the switching stations to accept the new lines coming from Chinook; and
  • Built and energized 2 of the 3 power lines that are part of this project.

The remaining part of the power line will be powered up by fall 2019. By summer 2020, the project will be completely finished when we salvage the old line that runs beside the new one.

Minimizing the impact to you

To power up the new line, we must first salvage the old line. To do this, we’ll remain in the right of way. However, we may need to cross farmland to get to the right of way. When we do, we’ll be respectful to the farmland and property. 

Respecting the local environment

We follow an environmental plan and monitor our work in the field. This allows us to closely manage and reduce our environmental impact.

Our goal is to leave everything the way we found it. That may mean after construction we may need to repair:

  • crops
  • roads
  • ditches

Benefits to your community

This project will increase service reliability to customers in the area. Because the current line is near end of life, it needed an upgrade to support the load increase.

With 200,000 hours of work to construct, this project will also support economic development in Saskatchewan.

Keeping you informed

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