Father and sun fishing on a lake.

We’re in the early part of a multi-year planning phase. As a part of this work, we’re working to develop potential areas for small modular reactor (SMR) development.

For a site to be chosen for a potential SMR, several criteria are considered. Some of the criteria include:

  • Access to an adequate body of water for cooling
  • Closeness to existing power infrastructure (like power lines and connection facilities) or to communities and industries that use lots of power
  • Closeness to existing work force and emergency services
  • Identifying potentially environmentally sensitive lands and habitat
  • Identifying land use, proximity to airports and major populations

Although a decision on whether to build an SMR won’t be made until 2029, we expect to shortlist suitable areas for a potential site in 2022.

Once areas have been shortlisted, our next steps will be extensive and meaningful engagement with Indigenous rightsholders, stakeholders and the public. As we work through the siting process, there will be many opportunities to join the conversation around nuclear power in Saskatchewan. Engagement opportunities will be posted on our Engage With Us webpage as they are scheduled.

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