We’re planning system reinforcements in the Regina to Moose Jaw area. This includes new switching stations and new transmission lines. This project will help strengthen Saskatchewan’s power system and ensure we can continue to provide safe, reliable power to our customers.

Why We’re Doing It

We continue to add new generation in southwest Saskatchewan. This includes almost 400 megawatts of renewable wind power in 2021. This project will add more options to move power to where it is needed. It’ll also ensure we’re prepared to meet potential future growth in and around Regina and along the Regina to Moose Jaw industrial corridor.

Our Progress So Far

We’ve selected a preferred route for the power line. We used feedback and information we learned during the consultation process to determine a preferred route for the power line.

Finding an ideal route for a power line is never easy. There are pros and cons to every option and many routing considerations. Our process incorporates many perspectives to better understand potential effects of a power line. Our goal is to find the best route with the least overall impact on the area.

Construction is underway at the Rowatt Switching Station. Last fall we worked with the R.M. of Sherwood and the R.M of Edenwold to upgrade roads for all-weather access to the switching station location.

Keeping You Informed

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