We’re planning a $10-million upgrade to our power grid to support growth in Saskatoon.

Transmission project timeline prepare stage

Why We’re Doing It

To increase reliability and support future growth in the area.

The power line will also provide reliable backup power to many other areas. See the supported neighbourhoods on this map.

Our Progress So Far

On Nov. 19 we held an open house in Saskatoon. This was a chance for us to gather your inputs and answer questions about the project. You have until Dec. 15 to provide us feedback on:
  • How construction might affect you
  • How we can lower the effects of construction and future maintenance
  • How you want to be informed about the project

We’ll consider all ideas as we continue to plan construction.

We’ve also worked with the City of Saskatoon and the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). They both helped us assess route options for the new power line. Since we’re building in a developed area, there were many constraints affecting each route option. Because of all the constraints, we've selected the route without public consultation (map below). We can’t ask for feedback on route options, because only the one option exists.

We're planning for construction in summer 2020. See a before and after of what the new power line will look like, here.

Minimizing the Impact to You

We’ll do everything we can to reduce the impacts to you.

This work is being done close to busy roads and backyard fence lines. We expect there will be some noise, dust and tree removal. There will also be restrictions around traffic flow and access to walking paths.

We want to hear from you. Your concerns, questions or suggestions will be considered as we plan construction. Our goal is to do this work in a way that is mindful and respectful of you. Let us know your thoughts by attending the open house or contacting us.

Respecting the Local Environment

We’ve consulted with the:

  • City of Saskatoon Sustainability Division
  • Meewasin Valley Association (MVA)
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

We’ll follow all necessary permits and regulatory requirements.

There’s low risk to the environment due to the previously-disturbed nature of the area. As we complete our field studies, surveys and construction, we'll look out for:

  • New nests
  • Common Nighthawk
  • Loggerhead Shrike

Benefits to Local Communities

Upgrading the substation will help us continue providing safe and reliable power. It’ll also allow us to meet the growing demand for new power in the area.

Coordinating with Saskatoon Light and Power and the City of Saskatoon limits the amount of overhead power lines. We’ll do this by constructing 2 lines on one set of structures in an existing power line right-of-way.

Keeping You Informed

For more details about this project:

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