Underground Cable Replacement Project

We’re replacing 17 km of underground cables throughout the province. 

Why we’re doing it

The cables we’re replacing are no longer working properly. They have reached their end of useful life. Updating these cables will help bring you reliable, safe power.

We’re in year 4 of 7 of this project and have updated 85 km for $10 million so far.

Our progress so far

Work for this year has already started. We plan on working in the following areas:

  • University Park, Regina
  • Albert Park, Regina
  • Argyle Park, Regina
  • Carlton Park, Prince Albert
  • Wildwood, Saskatoon
  • Lakeview, Saskatoon
  • River Heights, Saskatoon
  • Dundonald, Saskatoon
  • Sunningdale, Moose Jaw
  • VLA/Regal Heights, Moose Jaw
  • Westheath, Moose Jaw
  • Emerald Park
  • White City

Minimizing the impact to you

To safely complete this work, we’ll need to shut the power off. Outages could last up to 8 hours depending on the work involved.

If you’re impacted by this work, we’ll let you know. You’ll either get a notice in your mail box or receive a visit from a SaskPower contractor.

There will also be construction equipment on site, construction noise and partial road restrictions in certain cases.

Respecting the local environment

No impact to the local environment is expected.

Benefits to local communities

We all want power when we need it. This work will help with reliability now and into the future.

Employment opportunities may be available. Learn more about how you can do business with us.

Keeping you informed

Visit our blog for more information.

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