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We’ve been evaluating various areas around Saskatchewan that meet technical criteria for any of the small modular reactor (SMR) technologies that are currently being evaluated.

For a site to be chosen for a potential SMR, several technical criteria are considered. Some of the criteria include:

  • Access to an adequate body of water for cooling
  • Closeness to existing power infrastructure (like power lines and connection facilities or to communities and industries that use lots of power)
  • Closeness to existing work force and emergency services
  • Identifying potentially environmentally sensitive lands and habitat
  • Identifying land use, proximity to airports and major populations

Where’s It going?

Two study areas have been identified for the first potential SMR that meet the technical requirements. These include:

Although a final decision on whether to build a nuclear facility won’t be made until 2029, determining these study areas allows us to continue the planning stage.

We'll now begin consultations with First Nation and Métis locals and extensive public engagement work to determine the best location. Work will also begin on environmental and impact assessments and the Regional Evaluation Process.

Public Engagement Opportunities

As we work through the siting process, there will be many opportunities to join the conversation around nuclear power in Saskatchewan. Opportunities specific to these areas will be posted on saskpower.com/engage as they are scheduled.

Consultation Information for First Nation and Métis Locals

More information for Indigenous rightsholders and the Duty to Consult process related to the site selection process can be found on the Duty to Consult and Accommodate webpage.

Regional Evaluation Process

We've developed a Regional Evaluation Process (REP) for the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Development Project. This process will share current information about the project with potentially affected Indigenous groups, regional and stakeholder organizations. It will also allow SaskPower to gather input on regional identity, siting considerations, potential economic development and future public participation preferences to support its regulatory and siting process. As part of the REP, SaskPower will establish a Regional Indigenous and Stakeholder Committee (Committee) made up of nominated representatives from each study area (Estevan and Elbow) to support public participation on the SMR Development Project.

The REP is a broad engagement activity separate from the consultation process with impacted First Nation and Métis locals for this project.

Upcoming Milestones for REP

October 2022 – We'll evaluate expression of interest for committee participation

November 2022 – Final invitations to committee members sent

November 2022 – Kick off meeting for Regional Indigenous and Stakeholder Committees

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