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Share your feedback on our Nuclear Power project

We’re in a multi-year planning phase to see if nuclear power from small modular reactors could be a good fit for Saskatchewan and we want to hear from you!


Engagement and consultation with the public, communities, customers, stakeholders and Indigenous peoples is a critical part of the planning phase.

We’ve been holding information sessions. Were you unable to attend? Watch previous sessions here:

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Your Top Questions

We've highlighted some of the most common questions we're asked when it comes to nuclear power from Small Modular Reactors (SMRs):

Good question! Check out the video below to see how it all works.

Cost means a lot to you. That’s why evaluating cost and risks is an important part of developing nuclear in the province. The project must be competitively priced against other reliable, non-emitting power options available in the 2030s to proceed. Small modular reactors have strong potential to be a competitive option.

We’ll follow all regulations from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. For more information on what that means, visit our managing waste page.

We’re committed to ongoing, meaningful engagement with First Nations and Métis citizens of Saskatchewan. We’ve heard about the importance of protecting mother earth and future generations as we build the future power system. We’ve also heard that Indigenous participation as equity partners in the project, workforce training, and supply chain opportunities is key. For more information, check out the video below.

To get to net zero, we’re considering all supply options. Curious about what options exist? Check out the Understanding our Future Supply Mix video.

Highlights of What We've Heard

We’re using the feedback we’ve received so far to help inform our approach during the planning phase. Check out the summaries of what we’ve heard so far below.

Engaging with You

We've connected with many people across the province to gather feedback.


1060+ People
from across the province.


130+ Municipalities
represented at public sessions.

Icon - First Nations and Metis Communities

100+ First Nations and Métis locals
represented at Indigenous sessions.

Location Considerations

When it comes to finding an ideal location for a nuclear power facility, you'd like us to consider:



Long-term environmental impacts


Access to a skilled workforce


Safety and security of operations

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