We’re replacing 7 kilometres (km) of underground cable in Prince Albert’s Riverview neighbourhood. This $2 million investment will increase electrical capacity and improve reliability for customers in the area.

Why We’re Doing It

The underground cable has reached the end of its useful life. Replacing it will ensure reliable power for those in the area for years to come.

Our Progress So Far

Work began in late September 2022. Due to the winter weather, the project is now paused and will resume in Spring 2023. Watch for updates in the Spring before we begin working on the project again.

Minimizing the Impact to You

Once the project resumes, some of the work will cause disruptions like:

  • planned power outages
  • noise
  • road restrictions

Work will usually be scheduled Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. But there will be projects that need to continue into the weekend, or only be done on weekends.

Respecting the Local Environment

We recognize that what we do today impacts our future. As with any project, we work hard to reduce our impact and protect the environment.

Benefits to Local Communities

This work will help us continue providing safe and reliable power, and be prepared to meet the future demand for power in the area.

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