SaskPower Head office

As part of the Regina Properties Strategy, we’re refurbishing our head office building. The 2101 Scarth Street building behind head office was also refurbished and employees have moved in.

Why We’re Doing It

Our head office building is over 55 years old and exceeds its life expectancy. The building needs renovations to ensure a safe, sustainable and efficient workspace for employees.

As a part of our long-term strategy, we also purchased the Scarth Street building. This helps us bring Regina employees together in fewer locations. Because of this, we will stop leasing spaces at four Regina properties. These include:

  • TD Bank
  • Rose Street
  • 2161 Scarth Street
  • The former SaskTel Mobility Building by the airport

Our Progress So Far

Construction began in 2018 and we’re refurbishing a few floors at a time. Doing this allows for lower costs and impacts to operations.

Repair work on the outside brickwork of our head office building is complete. Work on the exterior of the building is on going until early 2023. To ensure public and employee safety, sidewalks on Hamilton Street and Scarth Street along the right-hand driving lanes will be closed to pedestrian traffic.

The Scarth Street building has also been renovated to suit our operations and bring the building up to current building code standards. Construction was completed in 2021.

Minimizing the Impact to You

This project will not impact our service to our customers in any way. It will not result in any rate increases.

Safety is our top priority. During refurbishment work all efforts are being made to make sure the public and our employees are safe.

Respecting the Local Environment

We’re taking extra care and attention to preserve the historical architecture of our head office building. For example, we’re reusing original bricks salvaged from the basement of the building.

More Benefits

The head office project will help extend the life of this historical building by at least 30 years. The updates to both properties will ensure we have safe, modern office spaces for years to come.

Keeping You Informed

We’ll continue to post updates, including:

  • milestones reached
  • decisions made

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