Cogeneration is a large, industrial system that lets no energy go to waste. Using turbines, natural gas is burned and creates heat that is captured and steamed in a boiler. The steam is used for industrial purposes, or it can power another turbine to produce even more electricity.


Cogeneration produces power from a natural gas turbine by using the excess heat for other industrial processes.


This energy source allows us to power approximately 430,000 homes.


High reliability

Cogeneration is a highly reliable source of energy.


Low cost rating

It’s a cost-effective way to generate power within the province.


Medium environmental impact

It has a moderate impact to the environment as it releases some greenhouse gases.


Cogeneration makes up about 11 per cent of our generating capacity as we use it at some of our natural gas facilities.


This can be a reliable, affordable and effective source for our supply mix.

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