At times when power use spikes, like during an unexpected heat wave or a cold snap, we can buy power from our neighbours in Manitoba, Alberta and North Dakota. Likewise, we can send power their way if they’re having trouble keeping up with demand.


The power we buy from our neighbours comes through our powerlines. We buy and sell when it makes sense.


How much we get depends on how much there is available and how much our lines can handle.


High reliability

When we need the extra help, our neighbours are reliable and there to lend a hand.


Medium cost rating

This is a cost-effective way to handle the power demand at peak times.


Low to high environmental impact

The environmental impact varies depending on the power source.


We have an agreement with Manitoba Hydro for 25 MW of power until 2022.


Long-term imports can be a reliable and environmentally responsible source for our supply mix.

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