Solar power uses panels to capture and store energy from the sun. It’s one of the cleanest technologies out there but, it only works when the sun's shining.


Solar power's made using panels that capture sunlight to make energy.


Solar power generation depends on the intensity of sunlight. It also can't be captured at night.


Low reliability

This is an unreliable energy source as you can only capture sunlight when the sun is shining.


Solar panels are very expensive, but the price is coming down as this technology evolves.


Low environmental impact

With zero emissions, solar energy has little to no impact on the environment.


Solar power is becoming a popular option. About 1,200 homes and businesses use it in Saskatchewan as an extra supply source.


We're looking into how we can add more solar power to the province. Most of our solar generation is going to come from utility-scale projects.

Generate Your Own Solar Power

Interested in generating wind power? We've got options for you to use the power you make or sell the power to us.

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