Centennial Wind Turbines

Opened: 2006
Where: Swift Current, SK
Fuel source: Wind
Power capacity: 150 megawatts (MW)

Facts about the Centennial Wind Power Facility

  • Located about 25 kilometres southeast of Swift Current.
  • There are 83 wind turbines in total. They’re built on 7,500 acres of land.
  • Each turbine produces 1.8 MW of power.
  • The turbine blades are 39 metres long. Rotating at a speed of 17 revolutions per minute. That means they’re spinning at 256 km/h!
  • The turbines get their full power at wind speeds of 50 km/h. But they’ll run when wind speeds are between 15 and 90 km/h.
  • From the top of the blades to the ground is about 30 storeys (107 metres).
  • Each turbine tower is 67 meters tall and weighs 117 tonnes. While the rotor is 80 meters in diameter and weighs 35 tonnes.
  • 2,500 truckloads of concrete were used in the pouring of the tower foundations.
  • All the wind turbines were:
    • Supplied and installed by Vestas-Canadian Wind Technology, Inc.
    • Manufactured by Hitachi Canadian Industries Ltd. in Saskatoon.
  • The Government of Canada has provided about $54 million in funding over 10 years. This is through the Wind Power Production Incentive (WPPI) program.

See the Centennial Wind Power Facility

The best place to see the power facility in action is at our point of interest. It’s located on grid road #628 near the northern tip.

For your safety, and out of respect for local landowners, please don’t trespass on private property where the turbines are located.

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Watch the video to find out how we power the province using wind.

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