E.B. Campbell Hydroelectric Facility

Built: 1963
Where: Nipawin, SK
Fuel source: Hydro
Power capacity: 289 megawatts (MW)

Facts about the E.B. Campbell Hydroelectric Station

  • Named in honour of E.B. (Bruce) Campbell, a former SaskPower president. He was the assistant chief engineer when we built the station.
  • Located on the Saskatchewan River near Nipawin.
  • There are 8 units in total that can produce 289 MW of power.
    • The first 6 units were powered on in 1963 and 1964.
    • The final 2 units were turned on in 1966.

Hydroelectric Stations

Watch Hydroelectric Video

Watch the video to find out how we power the province using hydro.

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