Commissioned: 2015
Morse, SK
Fuel source:
Net capacity:
23 MW

  • Owned by Algonquin Power Co.
  • The project includes 10 wind turbines, which each generate 2.3 MW of power.
  • Each turbine tower is 79.5 meters high.
  • The rotors are 113 meters in diameter.
  • The turbine blades are 55 meters long.

Wind Facilities

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Wind turbines capture the kinetic energy available from wind and convert it into electrical energy. Large blades mounted on tall towers rotate a shaft connected to a gearbox and generator to produce electricity.

The clean electricity created is then sent to a transmission line connected to the provincial grid, supplying electricity to homes and businesses.

Among other factors to consider, wind turbines are erected in areas of consistent wind and with consideration of existing transmission lines to transport the electricity to where it is needed.

Turbines usually operate with wind speeds between 15 and 90 kilometres per hour. They cease operating when temperatures fall below -30°C.

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