Poplar River Power Station

Built: 1981
Where: Coronach, SK
Fuel source: Coal
Power capacity: 630 megawatts (MW)

Facts about the Poplar River Power Station

  • There are 2 units that create 582 MW of power. The first one powered up in 1981 and the second in 1983.
  • In Jan. 2009, the Emission Control Research Facility (ECRF) received a national environmental stewardship award. The award was given by the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA). This was part of the CEA’s Environmental Commitment and Responsibility program.

Emission Control Research Facility

This is a one of a kind facility, located at the Poplar River Power Station.

They test different technologies. This allows researchers to understand how to control emissions and flue gas.

  • The ECRF currently is testing mercury emissions. In the future they'll look at how to reduce other emissions.
  • This is the only facility in Canada that can take a real flue gas sample and test it. The only other option would be to test in a pilot facility. This would need a burner that could mimic a coal-fired boiler.
  • The work performed at the ECRF meets the needs of many utilities across Canada and North Dakota.
  • A strong team has allowed the ECRF to be successful. Our partners include the:
    • federal government
    • University of Regina
    • University of Saskatchewan
    • Saskatchewan Research Council
    • U.S. electrical utilities and organizations
    • many private businesses

Coal-Fired Stations


In a thermal power station, fuel (coal or natural gas) is burned in a boiler to convert water to steam.

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