Yellowhead Power Station

Opened: 2010
Where: North Battleford, SK
Fuel source: Natural Gas
Power capacity: 135 megawatts (MW)

Facts about the Yellowhead Power Station

  • This station uses 3 simple cycle gas turbines.
  • The Grid Control Centre (GCC) in Regina can operate the units remotely. This is through a dedicated fibre optic link. This allows the GCC to pick which mode the grid needs for operation.
  • The power station is operated through a dedicated fibre optic link from Regina.
  • During winter, waste heat from the power stations air compressor is used to heat the connected building.
  • When the power stations not creating power, it's designed for reactive power flow. That means it increases the efficiency of power delivery.

Natural Gas Stations


Watch the video to find out how we power the province using natural gas.

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