Seedlings at greenhouse

Our commitment to the environment isn't just about policy. Everyday, our engaged and professional employees deliver on doing their job with quality business practices, processes and systems in place.

We've made sure that our employees have the environmental knowledge and skills to succeed. We're always seeking out new opportunities for improvement by assessing our business against best practices for environmental sustainability.

Learn more:

  • Whether you are a SaskPower employee or a contractor doing work for us, we have policies in place to minimize our environmental impact. You can learn more from our Environmental Resources page.
  • Embracing the future also means moving on from past practices that made our environmental footprint larger. One of the ways you can help us is by going Going Paperless.
  • We don't just grow seedlings at Shand, we also make sure they get to places where they are needed. Learn more about how you can Apply For Free Seedlings.

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