Smart meters have many benefits for you and SaskPower. The smart module inside automatically transmits readings every 15-20 minutes. This creates many opportunities to improve our service to you.

Find out why the Orpheum Theatre in Estevan installed a smart meter:


With a smart meter, you can look forward to:

More Control and Access

With a smart meter, you’ll get detailed information about your power use. This will give you a better understanding of how to reduce how much you’re using.

Businesses in North America that have smart meters have been able to save 2% on their power bill just by having better data. No-cost or low-cost actions can help further increase these savings up to 15%. These include improving your heating/cooling schedules and getting staff more conscious of power use.

But for some businesses with smart meters, they're noticing savings up to 45% on their power bills. This is when business owners combine tracking their power use with long-term steps. These steps can include upgrading equipment or changing operating procedures. Source: US Department of Energy: Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

No more estimated bills between actual meter reads

Right now, every bill you receive that isn't based on a meter reading is based on an estimate. This is an estimate of how much power you’ve used for that billing period. We read meters in cities every 3 months and rural areas once a year.

With smart meters, your power use information is collected several times per day, so your bill is based on what you use. Estimated bills will be a thing of the past, which will also reduce billing discrepancies.

No more meter reader visits

Smart meters will ‘talk’ to our system, meaning your meter will be remotely read. Meter readers will no longer need to enter your property to read the meter.

Becoming more efficient

We’ll be able to answer your billing questions faster and more efficiently. This is because we’ll have access to better data. In the future, when a power outage occurs, smart meters will help us pinpoint the source of the issue immediately, getting your power back up faster. It will take a few years to modernize our grid to get to this point, but you’ll be helping us get there!

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