We want a smart meter that works – whenever, wherever and in all types of weather conditions. That's why we've gone above and beyond industry standards to create our own meter specification for Saskatchewan. It exceeds all standards in North America. Since 2017, we’ve installed more than 21,500 commercial and industrial smart meters that meet this standard. There have been no issues with any of them.

Learning from Our Past Experiences

In 2014, we started installing and then removed a certain model of smart meters. This was because it wasn’t up to our standards for quality and safety.

About 10 out of 108,000 stopped working. They shorted out when contaminants such as dust got inside. When choosing a meter for our commercial and industrial customers we tested them for this problem. This meter exceeded all those tests.

Your safety is our top priority. That's why we've created strict guidelines for any smart meter installed in Saskatchewan. We've also added new testing to make sure they’re of quality we can stand behind. All equipment we choose is backed by solid testing, including:

  • How it works in extreme hot and cold conditions (-50 to 85 degrees Celsius).
  • How it functions in Saskatchewan weather, including rain and humidity.
  • How it stops working or “fails” when exposed to more than double the voltage it’s meant to handle.
  • How the meter performs when dust and contaminants get into it.

Third-party Meter Test Results

The smart meters tested for the commercial and industrial pilot passed 100 per cent of all tests. Only three small considerations were tracked as unusual in the entire course of the testing. Two had to do with software features that are not used by SaskPower and were not related to the safety or accuracy of the meter. Those were brought to the attention of the manufacturer. The third was clouding of the meter cover, which was identified in a 2015 batch of meters. This has been confirmed and addressed by the manufacturer.

View the final results.

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