Help Plan our Power Future

Hitting a target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is one of the things we’re thinking about as we plan the future power system.

We're evaluating a range of ways to generate cleaner power. Each has pros and cons. As we plan, we’re engaging in new ways with:

  • Indigenous rights holders
  • customers
  • stakeholders

We’re hoping to learn 4 key things as we plan the future power system:   

  • What do people need or want to know?
  • What do they want us to consider?
  • What do they know that can help?
  • How do they want to engage with us?

We’ve agreed to consider this feedback as part of our planning. It’s about listening and using what we learn to make better decisions.

We’re looking for opportunities to collaborate. If you’re interested, let us know. Get in touch with us!