Help Plan Our Power Future - Transforming Grid

Our power system was built over 50 years ago. So, as we evaluate future supply options, we also need to update the power grid.

That's why we have a team dedicated to transforming the power grid with the latest technology. This work will lead to a more efficient power system.

In turn, an updated grid will help:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Accommodate growing amounts of renewable power
  • Reliability and resilience
  • Provide the flexibility we need as more customers generate their own power

Our grid of the future will be “smart” because it will have improved:

  • Visibility
  • Control
  • Automation

Advanced Metering Infrastructure or Smart Meters are key in this grid modernization work.

If we want net zero GHG emissions, we’ll also need a grid that has strong connections to our neighbours. Today, we have agreements with Manitoba Hydro in place. The agreements are for the delivery of hydro power over the next few years.

As we plan for 2050, we’ll explore the possibility of importing even more clean energy. This would mean an expansion of current power line connections. But it would also allow us to sell our renewable and zero emissions power to others — generating new revenues for us.

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