What We Consider When Planning

We’re working on a plan for Saskatchewan’s power future. To do that our planners must consider critical issues and trade-offs.

We look at factors like: 

  • Existing and changing federal regulations
  • Developing technologies in the energy sector
  • The cost of energy
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • How much, when and where power is needed 
  • Feedback from Indigenous communities and rightsholders
  • Feedback from customers and stakeholders

As the province emerges from COVID-19 we need to consider things like:

  • Are we seeing a long-term change in Saskatchewan’s resource-based economy?
  • Will there be a permanent reduction in the amount of power used by residents and businesses? 
  • Will the drive to a low-carbon economy increase demand for power in sectors like: 
    • Transportation
    • Agriculture
    • Resource development
    • Other industries

Indigenous engagement in the future power system:

  • How do we ensure economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples?
  • How do we engage Indigenous communities early to seek invaluable knowledge that supports planning for the future?

The role of self-generation:

  • How much power will customers generate on their own?
  • Can we count on them for reliable power in meeting the province’s requirements? 

Looking outside of Saskatchewan, consider things like:

  • How important is it to customers that we generate all our power in Saskatchewan?
  • Does it make sense to invest more in power lines to bring hydro power from Manitoba? 
  • That baseload hydro power can back up renewables like wind and solar in Saskatchewan. Does that change the answer?
  • These same power lines with our neighbours provide an opportunity to export power. Do we want to generate revenue by exporting power from wind, solar or nuclear power from small modular reactors?

And other questions like:

  • Natural gas generation is becoming more costly because of federal GHG emissions regulations. What other options are available to provide backup for wind and solar power?
  • How do we balance environmental responsibility with economic resilience? 
  • What other potential federal regulations might emerge as we plan?

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