Help Plan Our Power Future - What We've Heard

In recent months, we’ve started conversations about future planning considerations. We've talked with:

  • Saskatchewan residents
  • Municipalities of Saskatchewan
  • Indigenous rightsholders
  • Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Society
  • Industry organizations

In May and June, we held 8 online deliberative dialogue sessions that saw around 300 participants from around the province. In each session we explored hypothetical scenarios to better learn what planning considerations that we should keep in mind as we look towards 2050. These conversations helped us find out what’s important to the participants, and what you and your fellow residents would like to see when it comes to our long-term plan to power our province.

What We Heard

  • Protect the environment, reduce GHG emissions
  • Make fair, honest and smart financial decisions
  • Find collaborative and mutually beneficial solutions
  • Understand and consider the full impacts of planned systems and solutions
  • Reliable, accessible and equitable power for all
  • Recognize tensions exists around the use of nuclear power

We’re still in the very early days of planning for our future power system. We’ll use this information to help guide our planning efforts for 2050 and beyond.

What’s Next

  • Check back to this page often for future events.

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