Whether you're working on a job site or at home in your yard — never get too comfortable with your surroundings. Always be aware of power lines and other electrical hazards.

How to Prevent a Contact

  • Look up and live: Plan your work in advance, lower equipment and use a spotter to prevent contact with overhead power lines.
  • Before you dig: To avoid contacting underground power lines call Sask 1st Call at: 1-866-828-4888 or visit www.sask1stcall.com.

How to React to a Downed Power Line

  • Stay back: If you see a downed power line, stay back at least 10 metres (33 feet) and call SaskPower at 310-2220 or call 911.
  • Stay put: If your vehicle or equipment contacts a power line call SaskPower at 310-2220 or call 911 and stay put until help arrives.
  • Last resort: If your vehicle is on fire and you must exit:
  1. Make sure no wires are in your way.
  2. Stand in doorway, cross arms, put feet together.
  3. Jump as far as possible, land with feet together.
  4. Do not touch the vehicle.
  5. Keep arms crossed, feet together, and HOP at least 10 metres to safety.

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