The First Nations Power Authority (FNPA) is a non-profit, membership-based corporation.

On March 29, 2011, SaskPower, the Government of Saskatchewan and the FNPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership is designed to assist First Nations power producers in advancing power generation projects to SaskPower.

First Nations power producers use the FNPA as a main point of contact for any power project proposals.

Streamlined Process

As the province grows, both in population and economy, there is an increasing need for power generation partnerships between SaskPower and Independent Power Producers. Many Saskatchewan First Nations are pursuing economic development through power generation operation and ownership. The FNPA streamlines the process for all First Nations power producers to move projects forward for consideration.

Contact FNPA

All First Nations power producers at any stage of a power generation project should contact the FNPA for more information on how to become a member of the FNPA. All 74 First Nations in Saskatchewan are eligible for membership.

All power projects that are submitted to SaskPower, whether through independent power producers or the FNPA, are reviewed and treated equally.

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