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The president and CEO of SaskPower chooses our executive members. These members have many important responsibilities that help shape our company.


Their responsibilities include:

  • Creating and carrying out SaskPower’s strategic plan
  • Developing operating goals
  • Designing business plans
  • Making a yearly budget
  • Making sure steps are in place to protect SaskPower's assets

Board Updates

Our president and CEO gives updates to the Board. These include accurate, complete and timely reports. The reports explain SaskPower's operational and financial results, and recommend any necessary changes.

Get to know our Executive Members

Troy King

Troy King
Acting President and Chief Executive Officer

Tim Eckel

Tim Eckel
Vice-President, Asset Management, Planning & Sustainability

Shawn Schmidt

Shawn Schmidt
Vice-President, Distribution & Customer Services

Kory Hayko

Kory Hayko
Vice-President, Transmission & Industrial Services

Rachelle Verret Morphy

Rachelle Verret Morphy, Q.C.
Vice-President, Corporate & Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel
Acting Vice-President, Human Resources & Safety

Howard Matthews

Howard Matthews
Vice-President, Power Production

Grant Ring

Grant Ring
Vice-President, Supply Chain

Brad Strom

Brad Strom
Vice-President, Technology & Security

No photo available

Randeen Kaczmar
Acting Vice-President, Finance & Business Performance and Chief Financial Officer

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