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Help Us Reimagine Our Power Future

The world around us is changing, and so are we. We're looking to cleaner, greener and more innovative sources of power than ever before, and we want to hear from you.


We’re currently planning how we’ll supply power to Saskatchewan – now and into the future!

The decisions made today will impact you and future generations to come. That’s why we want to learn what matters to you most.


We’re currently in Stage 1 – Getting to Know You in our 5-stage process to develop a long-term future supply plan. Check out each of the stages below.

We want to know what information you need to feel informed to participate in the process and how you want to receive information.

Join the Conversation to get involved with upcoming events, discussions, and information sessions about the future of power.

Our Progress So Far

In May and June of 2021, we held 8 virtual engagement sessions with more than 300 participants.

People told us it’s important we:

  • Protect the environment, and reduce GHG emissions
  • Make fair, honest, and smart financial decisions
  • Find collaborative and mutually beneficial solutions
  • Understand and consider the full impacts of planned systems and solutions
  • Provide reliable and accessible power for all

Here’s the full report of what we heard.

Project Stages

Our long-term plan must deliver cost-effective, reliable power service that meets greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets. These are the stages that will help us get to our long-term plan.


Getting to Know You

September 2022

We’ll share our guiding principles for feedback.

We’ll also ask what information you need and how you want to receive it.

Why: We want it to be easy for you to take part.

Setting The Stage

October – January 2023

We’ll share the planning considerations so you can provide input for Stage 3 - things like air emissions, supply options, reliability, conservation, and cost. We’ll check if anything is missing and how important each consideration is to you.

Why: What we learn will help our technical team shape and build scenarios that we will use in Stage 3.

Future Power Supply Scenario Exploration

March 2023

We’ll use the information we have heard to shape potential future power supply scenarios. We want to know how each scenario impacts you or your community. We want to know what risks you see and how we can avoid those risks.

Why: We will use what we heard to inform the draft long-term plan analysis and conclusion.

Draft Long-term Plan

June 2023

We’ll share the draft long-term plan with you to check if we have missed anything and if proposed mitigations are enough.

Why: Your feedback will inform the draft long-term plan analysis and conclusions.

Final Report Released

Winter 2024

We’ll share the final long-term plan with you.

Why: We will share where feedback was and wasn’t used and why.

About the Project

We’re on track to reduce our GHG emissions by at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030. And now we're working on how to make even deeper cuts to GHG emissions – like achieving net zero future.

We’ve heard from our customers, and so far we know that our future power supply must:

  • be competitively priced
  • deliver reliable power service
  • meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission targets

You can learn more at saskpower.com/futuresupply.

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