Please note that we aren’t accepting any more smart meter volunteers. Our meters are arriving at a slower pace than expected due to global supply issues. But we're working hard to ensure everyone who signed up receives a meter.

If you have a residential smart meter, there will be a delay before it's able to 'talk' to our system. This means you can't yet view your power use online. We can’t provide an exact date for this to happen yet, but we’ll update you as soon as we can. Please submit monthly reads in the meantime. 

*We're currently experiencing a technical issue with our Commercial and Industrial smart meter data. We're working hard to get it back up and running for you. Thanks for your patience while we work through this.

Smart meters have many benefits for you. The smart module inside automatically transmits data every 15 minutes. This means there are more ways for us to improve your service.

With a smart meter, you can look forward to:

No More Estimated Meter Readings

Right now, every bill you receive that isn't based on an actual meter reading is calculated using an estimate from your previous year’s power use for that timeframe.

Smart meters collect data every 15 minutes. That means your bill is based on the power you actually use and not an estimate.

More Data and Control

Want to see when you’re using the most power? A smart meter can help tell you that. The detailed data available to you with your MySaskPower account and a smart meter means you can see if your power use spiked last Tuesday at 2 pm, or if you’re using more power through the night than you’d like.

No More Entering Your Yard

Smart meters will ‘talk’ to our grid, meaning your meter will be remotely read. We’ll no longer need to enter your property to read the meter.

Find out why the Orpheum Theatre in Estevan installed a smart meter:

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