Electrical contractors can now take advantage of a 10 per cent discount for electrical permits!

To improve and maintain safety and consistency of electrical installations, SaskPower is introducing the Registered Electrical Contractor Program to Saskatchewan. The Program will reward electrical contractors who demonstrate a one year cycle of permitting with the discount.

How Do I Qualify?

  • Participate in a continuing education program under the umbrella of the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan;
  • Maintain a defect ratio of four per cent or below on all inspected permits and have a minimum of 20 inspected permits per year;
  • Have no incidents of unreported work and disclose all information related to the electrical installation/permit;
  • Take out online permits only; and
  • Correct any defects within the date of expiry and have no incidents of bond action (an incident of bond action will result in the immediate loss of status).

How Does It Work?

  • Each year, contractors will have their history tracked to verify that all requirements have been met;
  • Successful contractors will be notified that they have achieved Registered Contractor Status;
  • Once a contractor has reached registered status, the 10 per cent rebate is automatically applied to online permits; and
  • Contractors will be required to meet the standards annually to remain a Registered Contractor and will continue to have their history tracked.


Contact Scott Mccorriston at 306-566-2516 or Rod Pack at 306-934-7720 for more information.

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