We are always interested in hearing about innovative products and services that don’t currently exist in the market today, and that complement our lines of business.  We have developed a process that encourages suppliers with innovative ideas to fill out our Unsolicited Innovative Proposal Form so that they can be registered in our Innovative Registry.

What does “innovative” mean to us?  We define “innovative” as:
"An idea or invention of a unique good or service that creates value for SaskPower."

We also have a few criteria to help you determine whether or not your good or service qualifies for our Innovative Registry.

  • Be innovative (see definition above) and unique (a new idea, method or device)
  • Be independently originated and developed by the offering company
  • Satisfy a specific need
  • Economically benefit SaskPower

Here's How the Process Works

There are four steps to the process which can take some time. You are welcome to contact the representative assigned to your submission at any time to determine where in the process your submission currently sits.

You complete the Unsolicited Innovative Proposal Form and submit it to our Procurement department as per the form instructions. If you like, you can also include a confidentiality agreement with your submission – we will sign the agreement and treat the information as confidential.

We will then forward your submission to the VP of the business unit that would benefit or be impacted, and he/she will assign a representative from that area to work with you.

Your name and information will be entered into the Innovative Registry database and a notification will be sent to you that you have been registered.

We will review your submission, contact you for more information if needed and decide if the submission represents an innovative idea that could benefit SaskPower. You will be contacted with the outcome (and next steps if applicable) once the review is complete.

If your good or service does not meet this criteria there are still ways of discussing your business with us. Please refer to the Help with the Procurement Process page to learn how to contact us about your business.

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