SaskPower's Promise to Suppliers

SaskPower is committed to fair and transparent procurement processes with world class ethical standards as our guiding principle. The SaskPower procurement process is designed to respect all suppliers, treating each fairly with open and honest competitions. We welcome discussion and dialogue with our suppliers should any feel they are being unjustly treated.

The Position Catalogue documents all the services that information technology (IT) vendors of record must be able to provide.

IT vendors of record must ensure that they have all the necessary skills and qualifications, as listed in the Position Catalogue, before responding to any requests for service.

Each IT vendor of record was provided a paper version of the Position Catalogue when they began working with SaskPower. However, the Position Catalogue identified below will be considered to be the most current and up-to-date version. Please refer to this Position Catalogue prior to responding to any requests for service.

Information Technology and Security Position Catalogue

SaskPower uses a third party service called Merx when distributing our opportunities to suppliers. This secure and robust service allows suppliers to provide bids to SaskPower in an electronic form. This is the only way SaskPower receives bids; we do not accept email responses.

There is a small cost to suppliers for obtaining and submitting proposals, but this can be paid on an annual basis.
Suppliers can choose to pay an annual fee of $150 for all SaskPower opportunities. This includes online proposals. Or suppliers can instead choose to pay $25 per download of a SaskPower opportunity, plus $25 to submit a proposal.

If you are interested in working with SaskPower, please check out Merx FAQs on how to register, obtain bids and place bids with Merx.

New West Partnership Trade Agreement

SaskPower Procurement is in compliance with the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) — Canada’s largest, barrier-free, interprovincial market. The NWPTA eliminates barriers to trade, investment and labour mobility, while enhancing competitiveness, increasing opportunities and reducing costs for governments, workers, investors, consumers and businesses.

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