5 Ways Gift Cards Can Keep on Giving

December 28, 2017

Gift cards
Want to know how to turn that $25 gift card into savings on your power bill? We have some ideas for you:
  1. Save $389 over a 15 year lifespan when you buy five 60W equivalent LED bulbs.
  2. Save $25 if you buy a block heater timer for your car. It pays for itself the first winter you use it.
  3. Save $60 on your heating bill if you buy a blanket to cuddle under and turn your thermostat down a degree. That same blanket can save you even more if you use it to avoid turning on your electric fireplace or space heater.
  4. Save $50 if you buy yourself a power bar and use it to power down those electronics (including your computer) when not in use.
  5. Save $70 if spent on a clothes drying rack and air dried five loads per week instead of using your dryer.

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