BD3 Status Update: April 2017

May 03, 2017

Employees working inside the Carbon Capture facility.

The Carbon Capture and Storage facility at Boundary Dam Power Station was online for 97% of the month of April, going offline for less than a day to address ash buildup in the power plant's boiler. The facility captured 56,809 tonnes of carbon dioxide, contributing to the 1,530,368 tonnes captured since inception.

In mid-April, SaskPower installed a full-scale activated carbon treatment test to address amine performance issues. Initial results show a positive impact. Thermal reclamation of the amine resumed in early April reducing the level of degradation in the solvent. These positive developments increase the maximum available capacity and the efficiency of the process. Optimizing the maintenance costs of the amine solution will continue to result in reduced CO2 capture rate until the completion of the upcoming outage.

A longer outage is planned for June 2017 to address routine maintenance at the BD3 power unit, clean and inspect the carbon capture facility and apply a number of new technical and mechanical fixes that will further improve efficiency and reliability.

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CCS stats for April 2017 

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