BD3 Status Update: August 2017

September 12, 2017

Employees working inside the Carbon Capture facility.

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) facility at Boundary Dam Power Station was offline for the month of August. This was due to an extension of the previously communicated planned outage at the carbon capture facility.

The extra time was required to complete the installation of new coolers on the CO2 compressor used on site. This involved modifying the existing piping to accommodate the connection of the new coolers to compressor. The CCS CO2 compressor is one of the largest high speed compressors produced by the manufacture; therefore, the process to attach the piping to the compressor requires precise movement and suspension of the piping so that the mechanical stresses transferred to the compressor due to the weight and position of the pipe are minimized as much as possible. This precision necessitated technical assistance from the manufacturer in Germany and the overall process took some time.

The restart of the capture plant was completed by the last week of August and delivery of CO2 to our off-taker via the compressor began in early September. After completing final operational checks, the carbon capture process resumed commercial operations Sept. 2. During September, the process will prepare for reliability testing and full performance.

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CCS stats for August 2017

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