How We're Repairing Meter Boxes Damaged by Ground Shifting

August 24, 2017

Ryan Blair Featured

We talked with Ryan Blair, Regina Area Operating Manager, to understand how we're we're repairing meter boxes affected by ground shifting.

  1. What does the repaired meter box look like after you've done your work?

    We will be extending conductors to allow for sufficient slack if we experience further ground settling, in cases were enough slack cannot be attained we will either add a junction box or install and new meter box.
    Inspected Meter Small

  2. How is it better than the old one?

    Old meter boxes allowed for minimal ground settling. The new junction boxes or larger power boxes will allow for up to 33 inches of ground settling. This will allow your electrical service to withstand this exceptional dry spell, and avoid any incident if southern Saskatchewan ever experiences another one in 130-year event.

  3. Why weren't the original meter boxes installed with more slack?

    Most of the meter boxes that are of concern were installed in the 1960s and 1970s. Until now, we have never seen this degree of ground shifting.

  4. Will you replace all meter boxes in the future?

    Many of the power boxes installed starting in the 1980s are already the larger type that allow for more ground settling. SaskPower will be evaluating the need to upgrade all smaller power boxes, particularly in areas where clay conditions exist and contribute to this problem.

  5. I want one anyway, what do I have to do?

    Many meter boxes already provide for ground settling so you may already have the appropriate power box. If you are unsure, contact SaskPower at 1-844-231-1155 and we will send a technician to inspect your service.   

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